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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Stash Report - Weeks 2-3 2014

I have been plugging along on a couple projects this month - mostly finishing up other things I've started rather than starting new things. I guess I think it will feel good to have a few UFOs finished to start the new year.  The result on my stash report is that there hasn't been much movement because the fabric was either already cut or is from stash. This week, I did have some movement because I ran out of strips for my Stained Glass Log Cabin.  I spent a couple hours cutting and got the remaining pieces cut. 

Lots of strips
Fabric added this week: 0 yards
Fabric used this week: 2 1/2 yards

Fabric added year to date: 2 5/8 yards
Fabric used year to date: 4 5/8 yards

In addition to spending a little time this week making progress on my three projects that are in various phases (Stained Glass Log Cabin, Catventquiltalong, and Oriental French Braid), I suppose I should work on cleaning off my cutting table....it has become a bit of a dumping ground over the last month or so. 
Messy cutting table
This seems to be a common problem among quilters, doesn't it?  Our bee was talking about this earlier in the week and decided we need to dedicate a little time every month to keep up with it. Join us if you'd like - it will be the last Sunday of each month, so if I make some progress this week, I will have some free time next Sunday! 


Dee Dee said...

Your stained glass blocks are so fun and colorful, they are going to make a great quilt. I know I am a messy quilter, would rather start a new quilt than clean up after the last one!

Deb said...

Plugging away is what I am doing also! lol You should feel good about your cutting table, it is the sign of a creative mind! And compared to mine it is clean, been cutting for projects for retreat.

Mary-Kay Colman said...

I always try to clear my cutting table after every project. Right! If I keep repeating it, it will become true. Actually I had so many scraps on my table that I carved out a new spot on the other side of the room. Then Christmas happened. Now that new spot is still full of wrapping stuff. Once I get it all put away, I'll have 2 cutting areas.

Regina said...

I don't dare take a picture of my cutting table - it looks like a tornado hit! I am getting ready for a retreat in a few weeks - so I think it will get worse before it gets better.

krisgray said...

So true! Every so often I must clean my space as the clutter effects my productivity.