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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Four Goals - Dec 2013

Yay for holiday deadlines! I got all four of my goals completed this month. It helps that they were all Christmas presents! 

These are the goals I set out to complete: 
1. Quilt the top that's on the frame now - done and blogged about here
2. Finish Christmas gift #1 - done but not yet gifted, picture to follow as soon as it is. 
3. Finish Christmas gift #2 - done and delivered, pictured below. 
4. Make teacher presents - done and blogged about here and here

I made three table toppers for Christmas presents this year - two which are to be gifted this weekend, so will be blogged about next week. The third one is for my sister-in-law.  They just finished a remodel of their kitchen, but between my mom and me, they already have plenty of winter/Christmas themed quilted items, so I decided to go for another holiday and just made this up, using scraps from other recent red, white, and blue projects. The strips are 1 1/2" and then end pieces are a little wider. I drew a few stars and placed them randomly before I did the quilting, then stitched them down through all three layers at the end. 

I wound up cutting off the corners because the rectangular shape looked a little too severe to me. Once I did that, I had obtuse angles to bind, so I went to my go-to tutorial for binding odd angles at Trends and Tradition's, Heather Mulder Peterson's blog. Her instructions were perfect! (By the way, if you are a knitter and you don't follow her blog, you're missing out. She knits some of the most beautiful sweaters I've ever seen, and boy is she fast!)

I didn't get a final picture because I was in a rush to get it wrapped and on its way! 

Since I did so well for December, I will get ambitious for January: 
1. Quilt Winter Wonderland wall hanging
2. Finish blocks for catventquiltalong (4 made, 21 to go)
3. Finish stained glass log cabin blocks
4. Quilt a UFO

Hope that some deadlines worked in your favor too! Happy New Year and may 2014 be a year of happiness, found time, and achievement of your goals! 

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Darling Jill Quilts said...

Way to go! Love the runner you made. :)