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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Four Things - November

The last time I did a "four things" post was at the beginning of September. I laid out my goals for September but never reported them, so it's time to catch up. 

Here were my goals for September - and how I did on them: 
1. Mail everything - baby quilt, giveaway, and donation quilts - I got the giveaway and donation quilts mailed. I still need to get the address to mail the baby quilt, so it remains on the list! 
2. Quilt graduation quilt for my mom - Yes, had this completed by Sept 2! 
3. Make back for and quilt Red and White Snowballs - I made the back in September, got it loaded, then let it sit on the frame while I waited for inspiration.
4. Pull out and make some progress on one of my UFOs - I made the back for and quilted my Christmas Disappearing Four-Patch. The funny thing is that, when I originally wrote this goal, I was thinking I'd piece something, but when I looked across my UFO list a few weeks later, I realized that most of my projects are stuck at the quilting phase. That is a little ironic considering I have my own longarm, isn't it? 

At the start of October, I wrote down my goals, but didn't blog about them. Here they are along with the progress that's been made: 
1. Quilt, bind, and label snowball quilt - Done, although the label on it is just the quilt show label, I did get it finished in time to hang in the show. 
2. Quilt baby quilt for mom - Done, although I don't have any pictures of it - Mom took a few, so when she sends them, I will include them in a future post. 
3. Pre-cut for retreat - Done! I got my crossroads top and my binding cut and prepped before retreat.  If you don't usually pre-cut before going to a retreat, I highly recommend it. I like to do it because (allegedly) I pay more attention and am less likely to make mistakes (not the case this time), and also because I can move ahead more quickly on my projects at retreat. 
4. Finish a quilt top - Done! I finished the Change of Plans top at retreat - now to get a back made and quilt it....guess I got one off the UFO pile just in time for another to take its place :) 
For November, I had to really think about what I want to make some progress on, and I think I have a good list: 
1. Quilt and bind pumpkin table runner
2. Make 2 Christmas gifts
3. Finish blanket/accent stitching on snowmen blocks
4. Bind and label mini-quilt (this will get me way ahead of the game for the quilt show in two years as I planned to donate it to this year's quilt auction but didn't get it done in time). 

Hope you're making progress on things that make you happy! 

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Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Congrats on all the progress. I hope to find time in my sewing room soon. Love that two color snowball quilt. Thanks for sharing.