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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Four Things - September 2013

In August, I spent very little time sewing - between vacation, back to school, a couple really busy weeks at work, and a cold basement, I put my energies other places.

My goal for August was to finish four of this list and here's how I did:
1. Mail/deliver giveaways Delivered one
2. Quilt the graduation quilt Loaded the quilt on the frame
3. Label and mail ALS donation quilts Labeled the quilts, found a box, and filled out the form...
4. Make quilt back for red & white quilt Picked out fabrics for the quilt back
5. Quilt red & white quilt Hard to quilt a top that doesn't have a back yet ;-)
6. Bind, label, and mail baby quilt it is bound, label is partially made
7. Continue on paper pieced sunrise over the mountain. Still in the bag...

So, overall, not a great month, but I am okay with that. I will redouble my efforts in September by starting off the month with a sewing day with my mom. Here are my lofty goals for the month (and I am going back to four!):
1. Mail everything - baby quilt, giveaway, and donation quilts
2. Quilt graduation quilt for my mom
3. Make back for and quilt Red and White Snowballs
4. Pull out and make some progress on one of my UFOs

Hope you have a great September!


Regina said...

August is a tough month - we packed a lot in, and a very little bit of that was sewing (and all of the sewing was prep for a quilt show). Feeling good about September, though.

Karen said...

You did better than me in August. I'm just writing th month off for quilting.

Anonymous said...

Something done is progress. Good luck with September!