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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Review

After all the sewing I did in December, I didn't find myself up in my sewing room or down in the basement as much this month. I had a total of 20 1/4 hours and got a lot done: 
- Quilted, trimmed, added, and started sewing the binding down on Michele's quilt
- Cut back for my 60 degree quilt top so it is in the queue for quilting
- Loaded and quilted Mom's 3rd Girl Scout quilt
- Wrap dress for Jenna's doll

- Cut and pieced together three scrap bags and sewed up one
- Minkee bear 
- Tree block for my beemate
- First snowman block for my trees & snowmen quilt
- Finished the service quilt top
- Made an iPad cover

I set a few goals for myself in January so that I would get done those things that I really wanted to finish. I had lots of luck getting those things done and realized that I may need to return to my practice of setting monthly goals, so here are the ones I've set for February - my theory is that these are the things I really want to get done so that if I finish them, then I can work on whatever I want (in January it was the new iPad cover). 

February goals: 
- Fabric frame and send cross-stitch baby announcements
- Make snowman block for trees & snowmen quilt (my own little block of the month)
- Quilt 1-2 tops on my HQ
- Start working on my Q1 PIG from my bee PIG challenge.

Hope you had a great January and have lots of fun plans for February. 

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jillquilts said...

Setting goals is a good thing! I need to do that to keep on track, too. Although, my goal is usually by setting a deadline and watching it draw closer and closer and then working for days on end to get the thing done. lol

Way to go in January!!