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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Month End Review

In December, I spent almost half of the month travelling to Miami, Singapore, and Shanghai for work (finally posted pictures here if you want to see a little of my trip). When I got home, I was just plain worn out and didn't even walk into my sewing room until Dec. 16th! I was off work from the 17th through the end of the month, though, and I sure made up for it as I wound up with 23 hours of sewing in the month!  Here's what I got done: 
- Tote and four tissue box covers for teacher gifts
- Put together one of Lois' UFOs into a top (minus borders)
- Stocking for Curtis
- Loaded, quilted, and started binding the pink quilt for Lois' great niece
- Cupcake table runner top put together (didn't get a picture of this one yet)
- Loaded and quilted the wedding quilt for Lois' great nephew
Lots of time on the HQ, and it felt great. I even got an issue with the stitch regulation worked out so now only one issue with the machine remains. I will call them about it in the next few weeks, but the machine is very usable in the meantime. 

I am going to post my 2011 goals later this weekend or early next week, so January will be focused on starting off with some good progress on them. I also have two UFOs to work on -- Judy pulled #6, which means I need to make a backing, quilt, and bind a top that I finished about a year and a half ago. I even have the binding made and ready to go! The second UFO number hasn't been pulled yet, but I will do that later today, so I will have another project to work on in the first quarter, but don't have to have that done in January. I will get in one sewing day this month, which is Monday. I am really looking forward to it and have my fingers crossed that I can get lots done! 

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Gari said...

Wow, both you and Lois were sure busy. I am sure she would/does appreciate all that you are doing to complete her UFOs, too.