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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Slow Moving UFOs

In the quilting world, UFOs are unfinished fabric objects and anyone who's been quilting a while has a few...some more than others. I have done fairly well at finishing what I start, but a few projects have lingered. Part of the problem is that it is more fun to start new projects than to finish up old ones, especially before I started doing some of my own machine quilting. Now I am enjoying the quilting process a lot and so I am trying to get a few of my UFOs to a state where they can be quilted.

Here's the first one - this is a fat quarter quilt that I started in March 2006! I was doing well for a while on this one and adding a row each time I finished another project, but then it got shoved to the back of my cabinet.

I've added two more rows this week and then have about 5 more to go, plus borders. The problem with the borders is that I did not buy any extra fabric when picking out the fat quarters. I probably have enough of the orange to do a small inner border, but didn't know what I'd do for the outer border. On my trip to Oregon last summer, I picked up some of one fabric thinking that I could use it for border, but I don't think I really like it all that much. Last night, I tossed the quilt on top of "Do you see what I see" and today glanced into my sewing room and saw what may become the outer border. I have enough of the purple left that I could use it for the outer border - what do you think?

I've also been working on my Mystery Quilt re-do and have it on the frame. I've quilted almost 2 of the four rows and am having some fun with it. I ran out of bobbin thread today so decided to take a break. I will probably get back to it in the next few days and finish it up. I'll take a picture of the quilting once I have it done.


jillquilts said...

I think that looks like an awesome outer border! I agree that its easier to finish projects now that I have the frame and can quilt my own quilts!

Sara said...

I remember that quilt when you started it - I LOVE the colors.