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Saturday, January 3, 2009

December Accomplishments

I got a lot accomplished in December, despite only sewing from Dec 11 - 23, due to studying for my SPHR exam and the holidays. I was very happy to have a total of 18.75 hours of sewing, boosted significantly by the two days that I was home and the kids were in day care!

These are the things I finished this month:
  • Quilting completed on Do You See What I See, binding made, machine stitched on, started hand sewing it down.
  • Made 4 labels with my mom's label program, sewed on one of them.
  • Made 3 fabric baskets, which I thought I took a picture of, but can't find anywhere. One went to my SIL for Christmas, one to my mom for her b-day, and I am keeping the third. This was a very fun project and I plan to make more. I was pointed to this tutorial to make them. I made them with denim instead of linen because I had it handy and I did like it.
  • Quilted baby animal print on HQ16, made binding for it.
  • Quilted map panel, made binding, and bound in 3 days! This was a Christmas gift for my nephews.

  • Embroidered 4 towels for child care teachers.
  • Made three rice bags from this tutorial - kept one (and LOVE it!), gifted one to my MIL, and gifted one to my dad.

I am thinking on some goals for the year, which I will probably post on a sidebar, but this month, I would like to:

  • Finish binding Do You See What I See before my guild meeting.
  • Start and finish Valentine's wall hanging.
  • Complete blocks for the Quilters in Indiana block lottery and my bee.
  • Decide on a UFO to finish for a Quilters in Indiana challenge.

That should be enough for the month, as I have lots going on at work.

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