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Monday, December 22, 2008

Not so quick and easy

A few days ago, I realized that I had no gifts for our children's caregivers at our "school." My mom suggested I make each of them an embroidered towel, and I thought that would be a nice gift, and quick and easy, so I headed up to my mom's yesterday to make them while Jenna napped....how silly of me. 4 hours and 45 minutes later, I completed 4 towels. I didn't understand anything about all the color changes that go into the making of embroidery or the complications of things like a needle breaking in the middle of a design or a bobbin running out mid-heart. With my mom's help (they were done on her machine), we got through it and I have 4 really cute towels to gift tomorrow...now I just hope that they can figure out that they are handmade and not a $4 towel from Kohl's!

Tonight, I quickly finished up the last of my handmade gifts, foot warmers that I found on another blog here. I made one for myself and it is toasting my little toes right now. I hope these go over well with the recipients!

On a binding update, #1 is bound and has a hanging sleeve, completely ready to be gift #2, which I will post a picture of after the holidays. I am hoping to get the binding on Do you see what I see tomorrow so that I can hand sew it down over the next two days. After that, I have a charity quilt to do on the frame for my mom (got some better thread for this one), and then I get to do whatever I want! I am really looking forward to both of these!

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