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Sunday, January 6, 2019

2019 Goals

As with most years, I have been thinking for a few weeks about what I want my goals to be for 2019. I am fairly happy with most aspects of my life these days, so I don't have many self-improvement goals. Let's focus here on the crafting goals. 

I already shared my list of 12 things in 2019 - this is the first goal - I have 12 things and would like to get them all done. It is good that they are a mix of several different things including a few house projects. 

Secondly, I am joining the UFO challenge again. With only 13 on my list, all but one were selected with the random number generator. I may or may not work on the number selected each month, but I will stick with a goal to get at least 6 done, and with new projects keep my total UFO count under 10 by the end of the year. 

The last goal is related to my stitching. You've all watched quite a bit of stitching over the past three years and you know that I really love to stitch. But guess what? I've hardly finished any of it so I can enjoy it! As a result, I have a whole drawer full of finished stitching.  On New Year's Day, I turned over the UFO sheet and listed out all my stitching projects that are not fully finished - I ran out of space on the page at 30, and counted another dozen after that (at least!). I think the final count is just around 50.
Around 50 unfinished projects!
So, my goal is to fully finish two projects for every one that I start. I am not going to make myself stop and finish two immediately before I start a new one, but rather look at the numbers at the end of the year.  Wish me luck - this will probably be the hardest resolution, but likely also the most rewarding! 

I think that's a good set of goals for the year - what do you have on your list? 


Robin in Virginia said...

I think your goals are quite doable. I will be here cheering you on with the finishing of your stitches. What beauties you have stitched!

Carol said...

Just look at that awesome pile of stitched pieces! I wish you luck, Jennifer... I am in the same boat, but with larger pieces. I tend to finish my smalls immediately, but the ones that need to be framed or finished in some other manner are put into my portfolio book (and often never resurface!). I have been gathering frames at Goodwill and hope to turn some of these unfinished projects into finishes, too, this year! Good luck!!

Nanaofck said...

You encourage me to think of some method to help me get enthused about finishing some of my UFO’s. I do follow you on Instagram.

Kate said...

Sounds like busy year on both the sewing and stitching fronts. Good luck with your goals.