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Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 Goals

Well, we are a couple weeks into the new year and it has started off pretty well for me - a few days off at the start, and then back into work and nicely busy. This weekend was a good one to pick up the holiday decorations and take out the tree, but I've left a few decorations up that are more winter than Christmas. Even so, the house always looks quite bare after the Christmas decorations come down. 

On to the goals part - I am not sure how a goal is that much different than a resolution, but I like that word better, so that's what I will use. This year, I am going to use the same concept for my goals as we're using at work - prioritize and focus. So, fewer overall goals, and hopefully a better ability to focus on them. 

Let's start with the crafting goals: 
1. On the quilting side, I am working again to finish up some UFOs, especially as my list of unfinished projects has gotten longer, so I will again participate in the APQ UFO Challenge and also Judy Laquidara's UFO Challenge. I only have one list, so I will have two numbers to choose from each month :) I'd like to get more than 6 of the 12 completed. 
2017 Quilting UFOs
2. Stitch What I've Bought - I have so many charts, magazines, and a few kits, and I really want to focus this year on stitching things I've already got! To aid me in this, I spent some time a few weeks ago and pulled out all my patterns, sorted them by season/occasion, and selected the ones I want to work on next year. Then, I dug through my relatively small stash of linens and found which would work with patterns I'd chosen, and then dug through my specialty threads to see what I'd need to finish these pieces. I wound up with a healthy list that I took with me to House of Stitches after a trip to South Bend, Indiana to see the Downton Abbey costumes. House of Stitches is a great store with a fabulous selection of linens, threads, and patterns (and I hear from my mom that they do great mail-order business). I tried not to even look at the patterns so that I could stick to my plan for 2017 and I did well! Here are the charts, threads, and linens for my 2017 stitching projects. I might not get through all of them, and I might sneak a few others in between, but I feel good that I am all set to work on all of these projects. 
Stitching project priorities for this year!

New Linens
New threads

That's it for the crafting goals - I still fully expect to quilt several quilts on my HQ, and I plan to do some crocheting, but I will fit them in when I am in the mood! 

On the personal front, I want to continue with some things that started last year, but with a little extra focus. 
1) Paint - This falls into the home improvement category. Several items in our home need paint...the exterior, our family room, our remodeled bathroom, and my son's room, and all of these spaces have needed paint for at least 6 months. 
2) Get up and Get Out - This continues my goal from last year to swim more. I want to do more exercise from home - walking and biking primarily. I want to get moving more often, even when the weather isn't great. 

So, that's it - short and sweetly focused goals - I will let you know through my monthly accomplishment posts how it's going! 


Darling Jill Quilts said...

Great goals!! I'm still mulling over mine... :)

Carol said...

Good luck with your goals, Jennifer! Knowing you, you'll achieve them all with no problem :) The only real goal I made (other than stitching an ornament a month) was to convert my middle son's room into a proper guest room--we'll see how that goes!! Happy 2017!

Kate said...

A good list of goals. You've set yourself up for better success with your stitchery goals. Getting all the parts together make it so much easier to grab and start when you actually have the time. It's so frustrating to be ready to get going and find you don't have all the supplies. Good luck.