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Sunday, December 18, 2016

November 2016 Recipes

November found us revisiting a lot of good recipes we'd made once or twice before and by the middle of the month, I was out of ideas for new things to try, so one Sunday morning, I handed the folder of recipes that we haven't tried yet to my husband and he picked out a few! 

First up was Spice Roasted Salmon, a recipe from Cooking Light, March 2014 (not all that long ago). This recipe included a spice I've heard about but never used before - Garam Masala.  It took me three stores before I found it, but it was worth it. We really liked that it gave a different flavor to the salmon. 
The second recipe he chose wasn't a surprise to me at all - Beef & Beer Stew.  All three of those words are right up his alley, and to his credit, he does most of the cooking, so I was happy to pick up the ingredients for him to put together. In the end, we thought the flavor of this stew was good, but it seemed to be a lot more complicated than the normal stew we make (my mom's recipe) and not any better. The one part we really did like was the mashed potatoes, so I think we'll keep the recipe for that! 
Next up was a recipe my daughter got from my mom - Pumpkin smoothies from the Pioneer Woman. I've told you before that she really enjoys making sweets, and this was no exception. She and my husband really liked these, and Mike even had them for breakfast one morning!  I just couldn't get past having a whole can of pumpkin in a smoothie...
The last recipe for this month was inspired by cooler temps. I wanted soup and we had about 3/4 of a pound of ground beef left over from another night. I found Chopped Beef Potpourri in the Fix-It and Enjoy It Cookbook, one that has given us so many good recipes. This was no exception - it was a nice beefy vegetable soup with ground beef in it. We've since had it again and I liked it just as much the second time around! I think this one will become a cold weather staple for us. 

In addition to all these great meals, we also enjoyed two Thanksgiving dinners, one hosted by us for my husband's family. We had 16 people here and had lots of wonderful food, great pies (pumpkin made by Jenna!) and a raucous game of spoons after it all. It was a great month and we are now gearing up for more of the same as we approach Christmas!  Hope you all had some great new dishes in November! 

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