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Monday, August 1, 2016

July 2016 Recipes

We just had a great taco salad for dinner - we should have more salads in the summer! - and so it seemed like a good time to go through the meals we tried this month. 

First up was another really old recipe - I think I cut this one out before Mike and I were even dating...so that's at least 17 years ago! It has been waiting patiently in my recipe book for many years...so many that the size of the Ranch dressing bottle has changed! It is called Inn Maid Chicken Ranch Casserole. It is a noodle, ranch, and broccoli casserole and it was great, even better as leftovers. What is it with casseroles that makes them even better the next day? 
The next two recipes came from the Cooking Light 2001 Recipes book. My neighbor gifted it to me when she headed to Florida earlier this year. I pulled out a couple recipes that would help us use up some packages in the pantry after I cleaned out the pantry mid-month (a job that was way overdue!).  I found several partially used packages of spaghetti/fettucini, so I found a couple recipes to try with them. 

First up was Shrimp & Feta with Angel Hair Pasta - it was very good. I was a little light on the tomatoes, so if we make it again, I will make sure we add more. None of us are big olive fans, but I decided to try them and I think they went well with the mix of ingredients. 
Next up was another pasta & olive dish called Tuna Pasta Puttanesca. It was also good, but there are other tuna/pasta dishes that we've had that I prefer. 
The last new recipe this month was from one of my favorite cookbooks, Fix-It and Enjoy It. It was Beef and Salsa Burritos and it was chock full of spinach, a secret ingredient! Two of us really liked them, and two were more lukewarm. I think I will build these into the rotation when we need a little taco/burrito variety. 
Hope you enjoy the new recipes! 

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