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Saturday, February 20, 2016

February Ornament

Boy, it has been a lovely spring day here in Central Indiana! It was upper 60s and my day included having windows open at home, driving with the windows down, and going on a bike ride - what a treat in mid-February! 

On the quilting front, I have been plugging away at the t-shirt quilt that I started in January. It is on the frame and quilting is almost halfway done. I plan to get it finished this weekend and put the binding on Monday. Once it has been gifted I will share pictures on the blog.

My goal for stitching an ornament in February has been done now for a couple weeks. I started it in January when I finished my last project and it moved along quite quickly. It is a Prairie Schooler design called "Winter's Eve."  I used fabric that I had on hand, so it is a little bigger than the size in the magazine, but still a very manageable size for an ornament. I also substituted a few thread colors so that I didn't have to buy anything new. 
One more ornament and then I will do some finishing!  Can't wait to see what I decide to do :) 

1 comment:

Carol said...

Love this PS finish, Jennifer--especially on the black fabric!

We had a gorgeous weekend, too, but, unfortunately, I had to work all weekend. Sigh...