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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Year end 2016/December Stash Report

I always run my stash report to the last day of the year in hopes that I might use something between the last Sunday (when lots of other people end their reports) and the 31st. This year, I did do some sewing, but I didn't bust any stash in those days. I did, however, do a little shopping with my mom as she had her birthday discounts to take advantage of (I went with her, but didn't use any of her discounts!). 
Bendy bag (one of several I made for gifts)
Bendy bag and Star Wars fabric notebook cover for Teacher gifts
Through the month of December, I worked primarily on unfinished projects. I did make a few gifts, so did get a little usage through them. The fabric I added was from the birthday shopping. 
Purchases from December shopping - except the three in the front (got them from my mom). 
Fabric used in December: 2 3/8 yards
Fabric added in December: 1 1/2 yards

Fabric added year to date: 21 7/8 yards
Fabric used year to date: 143 3/4 yards

That brings my 2016 total to 121 7/8 yards of fabric used. It is my highest net total since I started stash reporting in 2010. A good chunk of it was the 80 yards that I donated to my guild for the quilt show mystery bags.  I am really pleased with the totals for the year and look forward to another good year of using more than I buy in 2016! 

I also like to look back over my totals from year to year, and here's how that looks: 

Added by year Used by year Net Used by year
2010 44.625 137.5 92.875
2011 48.625 126.375 77.75
2012 46.75 108.175 61.375
2013 27 78.875 51.875
2014 48.125 62.875 14.75
2015 22.375 143.75 121.375

Not bad - over 400 yards used in the last 6 years. It hardly makes a dent in the stash, but it does feel good to see the numbers!  I am also glad that this year I bought the least fabric of any year. A fair amount of what I bought this year also was used this year,so in reality, there was only about 10 yards truly stashed. 

I've got a good start already in January and I will be reporting on it the last weekend of the month as I shift to monthly stash report. Hope you're happy with your usage in 2015 and starting off well in 2016! 


Dar said...

You did very well on your stash management for 2015. I too kept working until those last days of the year, and it helped me a bit. Great minds think alike. I too bought the least amount since I've been keeping track. I also finished 11 of my UFO's. What do you say we do it again in 2016 only this time let's shoot for 15 finishes (or more) if you want to be really ambitious. lol Your modern quilt turned out beautiful too.

Denise :) said...

This really cracks me up ... you *used* over the course of six years, double what I acquired in four!! Very nice!! :)

Sandra Walker said...

You are good! Love those Bendy bags. I would never divulge my stash to anyone...not even my husband and he sees it on the bookcase shelves whenever he wants! I keep saying, I CANNOT buy any more fabric, this is ridiculous...but a good sale comes or beautiful line are released and bam! bought more. :-)

Kate said...

Wow over 400 yards in 6 years! That's a lot of stitching! Congratulations on such a good record of stash busting.