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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Quilt #7 2015 - Be Warm Inside and Out

The next quilt that went onto my frame after Easy Street had to be something really easy! I picked up this panel that I put into a top at my spring retreat this year and it was on and off the frame in just about an hour.  I thought for a minute or two about trying to custom quilt it, but then came to my senses and decided upon free-hand loops as a good design. 

I am pretty sure that I used Bottom Line thread on the top and bobbin, but it may have been Robison Anton on the top (I didn't take great notes on this one!).I used a scrap of Warm and Natural batting, and it quilted up perfectly. It now has the binding sewn to the top. It is in my bag to go to bee to stitch down the binding to make this another finish in the year of the kits!  I am happy to have this little cutie done :) 

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