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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Quilt #6 2015 - Easy Street

Two years ago at my bee retreat in the spring, I finished my Easy Street quilt top. This was a Bonnie Hunter mystery (the first one I've done) and I enjoyed the process of making it and love the finished quilt top. Originally, I planned to quilt it with a panto, but later decided that this quilt could benefit from some custom quilting.

I finally made a quilt back earlier this year and loaded it on the machine in June. There it sat, because I didn't know how I wanted to quilt it.  After a couple weeks of walking by it, I started in the borders, with a paisley (hard to see in the picture because the thread matched so well). 

After that, I moved on to the green squares and quilted them with a dense back and forth. 

Then I got stuck again. In the end, I decided to do some custom quilting in each block, and then fill in the rest with tight loops. 

I wanted to have some continuity from block to block, but didn't take pictures along the way or make good notes, and I wasn't really enjoying the process on this one, so by the time I got to the final blocks, I couldn't remember what I'd done for the first few. 
In the end, I finished it, but it sits on the chair in my sewing room and I am not really happy with it. The only part I really like is the green squares. Several of the blocks are okay, but a few of them are just yuck.  I think I am going to rip out a few of the blocks and then do some stitch in the ditch around the pinks.....more to come on this one because I am not ready to bind it and call it done yet...but I am also not ready to deal with it yet! 

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