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Monday, September 28, 2015

Recent Activity

The month of September has been pretty quiet in my sewing room. Between a trip during Labor Day weekend to our favorite lake in Michigan, the closing of registration for the quilt show (I am the registrar), a work trip to Boston, and a camping trip with my Junior Girl Scout troop, I haven't had much time or energy for much crafting of any type! I am moving forward with some crochet and stitching so I will update those soon, but I thought I'd share a few recent pics from my sewing room. 

In August, I made a quick little baby doll blanket for my great-niece. It went in the same package as her brother's baby blanket so that she would have something to play with while little brother was cuddling in his new blanket. I even used the lettering on my machine to put her name on it...I could still use a little work centering. 
 A little later in August, I collected my birthday fat quarters from my bee mates. I asked them for greys this year, and I love what I received. Now I need to find a good pattern for them..surely there is something in my pattern stash that will work! 
Last up is the quilt that my whole bee is contributing to. This is a Scrappy Trip Around the World, a free pattern from Bonnie Hunter. This top will be finished in 8 more blocks and I will quilt it and send it to Diana's Golden Needle. This is a Girl Scout Gold Award project and, as a lifetime Girl Scout, I am happy to support it! 
I have been working on prep for the quilt show for my own quilts over the last week, as I need to have them ready to go next Sunday, and then my fall retreat follows right behind that, so I will be busy pre-cutting to prep for the long weekend! 

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Carol said...

Gosh, Jennifer, it sounds like one busy month for you... I'm amazed that you had time to do anything crafty! Your little doll blanket is so sweet--reminds me of the paper dolls I had when growing up and what a great looking quilt!

Enjoy your fall retreat and Happy October to you :)