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Thursday, September 10, 2015

August 2015 Month in Review

I feel pretty good about the progress I made on my sewing, stitching, and crocheting projects in August.  I will do a post soon on my crochet projects and progress. 

I spent what felt like a good deal more time in my sewing room this month and got started on a new project (that always feels good, doesn't it?) and finished up some quilting that I have been procrastinating on for a long time!  Here's the recap of the 16 1/4 hours I spent sewing:
- Made one of my kits (top) - Indy 500 Row by Row
- Made several trip around the world blocks for Diana's Golden Needle (I will take a picture Monday when I have mine and the others from my bee laid out). 
- Cut all the pieces for the Midnight Mystery quilt and finished part 1 of the sewing
Part 1 of the Midnight Mystery
- Made purple string blocks

- Made a baby doll quilt for my great-niece (to go with the blanket that I am sending to her new brother)
- Finished quilting Easy Street (woo hoo - after 7 weeks on the frame!)
Easy Street peek
I just squeaked in my stitching finish for the month and knocked off another stitching kit. I think I will keep this one, but I am not positive. I guessed on where to start it rather than starting in the center and I am a little off center, so need to come up with an alternate way to finish it because it would look off-balance in a frame. 

Hope you had a great August! 

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Carol said...

I'm always amazed at all you accomplish in a month, Jennifer, with kids at home plus a job! Your newest stitching is very cute and I'm sure you'll find a nice way to finish it off and the Indy 500 is perfect for your family given you live in Indianapolis :)

Hope your weekend is a fun one!