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Sunday, July 5, 2015

June 2015 Recipes

We are still working to add a few new recipes into the rotation each month, along with eating some of our favorites. It is hard to believe that we've been doing this for three years now - the variety of foods we eat has certainly increased, and I am please to say that the grocery bill is about the same.  We also go out to eat less, because I am more intentional about planning the menus for the week before I go to the grocery store. We certainly still have nights where no one feels like cooking, but they are more like once or twice a month now instead of once or twice a week! 

Four new recipes got added to the rotation this month, but only two pictures taken: 

Hidden Valley Grilled Chicken - this is a really easy recipe and Mike was surprised we hadn't made it yet. I think this is the same recipe that my neighbor uses and we have liked it at her house and liked it at ours too! This is a great grill recipe and I know we'll be making up more soon. 

Italian Sausage Lasagna - this was a recipe sponsored by Johnsonville. I didn't find their sausage at the grocery store, but what I did find worked very well. The primary difference from this to other lasagna recipes was the mix of sausage and ground beef (which we loved).  I am not sure it was really any better than other lasagna recipes, and the print on the recipe was tiny! We will go back to my aunt's recipe next time with the mix of meats and see if that's any better or about the same.  If they are both the same, we'll go for the larger print recipe!

Quicker Pork Chops over Stuffing - Next up for dinners was one from the 2000 Quick Cooking recipes book that we originally used in March 2013. This one was great. The kids didn't care for the stuffing, but they did like the chops, so it is easy to adapt for the whole family.

Mrs. Truman's Coconut Balls - I made these "cookies" for a work pitch-in and they were very easy, if a little messy.  I added dried cherries to half of them and left half plain.  They were both pretty tasty! 

Off to pick out a few new recipes for July!

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Carol said...

I see some recipes I'd like to try, Jennifer--that is great that you are so good about tackling new recipes each month. We are in a big rut now that it is just me and my husband at home. I do try to make something different and fun on Sunday when my two older sons come over for dinner. This Sunday it was a very good pulled pork (but, way too hot for me!!)...