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Saturday, March 21, 2015

February 2015 Cooking Report

I am really late with my cooking summary this month and I have also managed to lose a recipe and a couple pictures, but I want to get this recorded for future reference. 

Our first new recipe was a tuna noodle casserole. I had one which we'd tried before, and it was okay - but just okay. I did a quick google search and came across Mr. Food's Mom's Tuna Noodle Casserole. It turned out great and we all devoured it! 
The next recipe was from a can of tomato sauce and it was a one-dish meal with the sauce, rice, and chicken, then covered with mozzarella cheese.  We all ate it, but none of us loved it. The rice was a little undercooked and the ratio of rice to chicken was far too high. In the end, we will toss this one (it seems I may have already done that!). 
Next up was a similar style of recipe - Italian Pasta Bake from Kraft.  It calls for ground beef and cooked pasta, then you mix them together with pasta sauce, Parmesan cheese, and Italian cheese and bake it all. This one took a while because you have to cook the pasta and ground beef first, then bake them, but it was delicious. While I couldn't find the exact recipe online, I am happy to share it via email if you'd like it (just leave me a comment).  I also didn't get a picture of this one...probably because the night we had it, I got home late and was so hungry when I arrived home that I didn't take a moment to stop and get my phone! 

The last recipe for February was Great Grandma's Baked Chicken from a Rachael Ray magazine. I didn't know how this would go over for the family since none of them have had goat cheese before.  I decided that we would make plain chicken for the kids, so just Mike and I had the recipe chicken.  It was also delicious. I swear I got a picture of this one, but it is missing - it turned out pretty much like the recipe though! 

We also revisited several recipes from the last two years during the month - we're doing that about once a week now - so the variety of meals has been really good and we're rediscovering some things we'd almost forgotten about! 

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