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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quilt #17 - Melissa's Rail Fence

#17 is a quilt that I picked up this summer when we stayed with my friend's family in North Carolina.  When I gave her the quilt that I made for her, she showed me the one she made, but never got quilted (her first quilt!). I offered to bring it home and quilt it up for her and she took me up on it.   After all the custom quilting on the last one, I needed something pretty simple to do next, so I did an allover stipple/meander on this one. I thought the traditional quilting pattern worked well with the rail fence quilt pattern and the more traditional fabrics. 

My friend gave me the batting for this one (she had it basted already), and I am not positive, but I think it was probably Quilter's Dream, a fairly thin version.  I used Aurifil thread on the top and So Fine in the bobbin.  The thread combo worked really well until about 2/3 of the way through the quilt and then I had a few issues with it getting twisted in the thread path.  After the second time, I re-threaded the whole thing (top and bobbin) and adjusted the tension and it seemed to work a little better. 
This one was a fun one to quilt - I need to get it trimmed up, packed up, and in the mail to her now! 

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