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Monday, November 3, 2014

October Cooking Report

We are still really enjoying all the different recipes that we're trying, but it is getting harder and harder to remember which ones we really enjoy!  This month, we went back and made some of the recipes from last year again, and they seem new again after so many different ones that we've tried over the last two years.  The good news is that we definitely don't feel like we're in a dinner rut anymore. 

This month, we tried 5 new recipes. Here they are: 

Chicken Kebabs from Cooking Light - this was a great weeknight meal - and Mike made the sauce in two different batches - spicier for us and mild for the kids. We all enjoyed this dinner and will definitely make it again.  The kids really enjoyed eating off the skewers. 

Pepperoni Pasta Bake from Everyday Food - This was the second stuffed shells recipe we had in two weeks (our neighbor made a Cooking Light version first), and we liked this one with zucchini, but I think we preferred the CL one with spinach more. Even so, you can't really go wrong with stuffed shells, so I think this one will stay in our recipe folder! 

Chili Mac  from Cooking Light - With the weather starting to cool, I am enjoying the pasta dishes, and this one didn't disappoint. It made a ton of food and it was good on day one and even better a few days later 

German Chocolate Pecan Pie from Everyday with Racheal Ray - I really have not done a good job of working through the dessert recipe folder this year, but Mike's birthday was this month, so I put several recipes in front of him and he chose this one.  It was a good choice, despite the fact that I read the recipe incorrectly and put way too much butter in the pie crust. I will definitely make this one again.

Gourmet Pumpkin Seeks from Woman's World (someone must have given this to me, because I have never subscribed to or purchased that magazine).  We tried classic seeds, sweet-tooth seeds, and Italian seeds.  Everyone in the family liked the classic the best. I enjoyed the other two the night we made them, but they haven't aged well at all.  I think I will cut out the classic recipe and trash the others.  I forgot to take a picture of these, but they don't really look any different than normal toasted pumpkin seeds. The good news is that we still have pumpkin seeds in our fridge, so there is plenty to make more! 

Hope you enjoyed our adventures from this month - I already have a few recipes pulled out for November that say "fall" to me, so I am looking forward to some more new things soon. 

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Beth said...

And I'll be sure to keep the spinach shells recipe in my file! Now I just need to get my recipes organized!