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Sunday, November 2, 2014

October Accomplishments & Four Things for November

always a great month for quilting when you have a retreat! Between the prep work, the retreat, and the follow-on when I got home, I got in 32 3/4 hours of sewing (23 1/4 at retreat).  

My accomplishments for the month were: 
- Prepped for retreat by cutting out a couple projects and pulling together way more than I could actually finish in one weekend. 
- Prepped Crossroads for binding, attached it, and made good progress on the hand sewing. 
- Cut out and finished Urban Pods quilt top
- Made notebook cover
- Made Periwinkle mini top 
- Quilted one of my candy square table runners (that I made at my spring retreat)
- Loaded and made good progress on quilting a top for my friend.

I finished two of my four goals for the month - prepping for retreat and finishing a top.  I got well on my way to quilting a top for someone else (I hope to get that done today). I didn't get to the fourth goal - making a new bag/purse.  

After looking at all the tops I have to quilt, I decided that I could really just quilt for the rest of the year and not do any/much piecing and that would really help me make some progress on all the UFOs I have around, so that's going to be my goal for November - quilt 4 things - tops/table runners/mine/others.  I know that I will be doing some piecing as I take a project or two to my bee workday and I know there will be times I just don't feel like quilting.  

Hope you had a great October - in addition to a really fun retreat, we enjoyed some beautiful fall colors here this year. 

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Beth said...

Your November goals mean lots of basement play for us! Whoo hoo!