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Saturday, September 20, 2014

A new kind of finish

Several months ago, a friend of my mom's told me that her secret to all her lovely finishing of cross-stitch was a website called The Twisted Stitcher. I went to Michael's earlier this year with a 50% off your whole purchase coupon and got myself set up to make the flat fold and the cube.  As I looked at the details of each, I decided to start with a flat fold and then work my way up to the box.  I picked out one of the many projects I have finished stitching that is waiting for final finishing and got started. I am not going to show you all the steps in the process, because you can easily get them over on the site linked above, but here's a few steps in my process. 

Stitching and mat board cut to size

Gluing fabric to mat board

Weighing it all down for a couple nights to make sure it sticks together well.
The finished product! 

From the front, on top of the same fabric that is used in the flat fold
The project took me about an hour to complete and I really enjoyed the process. I made one mistake and have the fabric going the wrong direction on the back of the whole piece, which is a bummer, but most people probably won't look at that part anyway!  It does need some cording or a ribbon to finish it off around the edges, so I will keep and eye out for something that will match it well. 

Now that I've made one, I am looking forward to the next! 

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Carol said...

YAY--you did it, Jennifer! It looks great and, luckily the mistake won't be noticed. We've all done stuff like that--believe me :) Aren't Vonna's tutorials wonderful? She's certainly helped me through the years...