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Monday, July 28, 2014

Quilt #10 - Hill Country Pinwheels

My 10th quilt of the year is one that you've seen me work on since my retreat in March.  It started with a charm pack and some yardage to try out the disappearing nine patch made famous through the Missouri Star Quilt Co. videos.  We did the blocks as a challenge at our retreat and I got all my blocks made then.  Over the course of the next few months, I added a border, decided to make some more pinwheels, and then got the top finished at a work day.  While I was working on the quilt, I decided that it would be a birthday present for a friend of mine who was in my girl scout troop in Texas.  

I decided to try one of my new pantos on this quilt, as I thought it would do well with more dense quilting.  The panto is one of the most dense I have ever tried and I really struggled with it.  I even left the quilt alone on the frame for a couple weeks after starting it because I was not enjoying the process.  In the end, I am okay with how it turned out, but I am really starting to think about whether I want to focus on pantos going forward.  I don't enjoy them nearly as much as I do freehand quilting, so I think over the next few months, I am going to give it some deep thought and may wind up divesting myself of most of my pantos so that I can really try to develop my freehand skills.  The Craftsy classes I have purchased would support this too. 

For this quilt, I used a very pretty Rainbows variegated thread on the top and a bottom line in the bobbin.  The back of the quilt was a large piece of some flowers seen in the Texas hill country as well, but it wasn't from the same line. I used most of the remaining layer cake squares and a little yardage to finish off the back. 

I was really thrilled to be able to give Melissa her quilt at her home in North Carolina, where we stayed on our way to our Outer Banks vacation.  I was even more thrilled to have her go pull the quilts I'd made for her kids when they were born so that I could get a picture of all three of them with their quilts.  I was so glad to see that they have all been well used and well loved.  It was really cute to see her youngest discover that I was the one who made her quilt for her :) 

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Alycia said...

Those quilts look great. I do like that panto - it looks like it gives great movement to the quilt too!