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Monday, June 2, 2014

Four Things - May 2014

Yahoo! I finished all four things that I set out to do in the month of May!  

Here's my list: 
1. Finish purse - done and picture coming later this week - I've been using it for a couple weeks now. 
2. Finish Batman/commission quilt - done!  I made the back, got it quilted, bound, and all tied - done on Saturday night.  Now I just need a little help on the label.  I made the quilt for a former childcare teacher to give to a friend.  Do I include just my name and date, or also include the name of the person who requested I make it?  I will share this in a post soon. 
3. Quilt a UFO - I didn't think this would get done - I set out at the start of the year to do 1 UFO a month to help reduce the backlog of tops I have hanging around.  I have only finished one top that was a UFO before this month.  On a weekend I was feeling particularly productive, I pulled out one of Lois' UFOs and got it quilted.  It is a mini quilt, but it is still done!  Binding is added and being stitched down by hand and I will share a picture when it is complete. 
4. Finish my pinwheel top - done!  I actually got this done at workday at the start of the month.  This sunny top makes me smile and I have decided who is going to be the recipient, so now have some motivation to get it quilted.  You finally get a picture with this one! 

I even got more done in May, but I will save that for my wrap-up post for the month.  

This week and this month are pretty busy and I don't have any really pressing projects, but I still want to keep things moving along, so here are my goals for the month of June: 
1. Quilt Barbara's modern top
2. Make teacher gift(s) (I know I will make one...not sure about the second)
3. Make back for and quilt pinwheels. 
4. Quilt a UFO. 

That's a lot of quilting for one month - let's hope motivation is on my side!

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