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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

It is always nice to work on some small things to break up the bigger stuff.  I have a few of those smaller projects that I have finished with the last few weeks. 

First up is a tulip "bowl" for my neighbor and stitching friend Beth.  She picked the fabric from my stack of piggies (1/2 of a fat eighth) to match her couch, and she is using the bowl to collect her thread ends from stitching.  

Next up are a few things that I finished on Monday when I had a few people from my bee over. It was supposed to be a normal bee day, but when only four of us were going to be here, I suggested we make it a sewing day for purely selfish reasons! I made a Wonder Wallet and a new iPad case while they were here. 
Wallet closed/iPad cover front

Wallet open/iPad cover back
The wallet is for Jack - he picked out a handful of blue scraps because that's his favorite color (contrast is lost on him!), and the iPad cover is to replace the one I've been using for several years since it is stained and starting to tear in a few places.  I used Soft and Stable as the interfacing for the iPad case and I really like it.  

I have also finished a fewer ongoing projects that I will share soon! 


Regina said...

Love small projects - such a great feeling of accomplishment

Beth said...

I love my tulip bowl! Thanks so much!