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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Retreat Report - Threads of Time March 2014

On March 2nd, after waking up to discover that the snow hadn't ruined our retreat plans as anticipated, our group rallied, un-cancelled our reservation, and headed just over an hour northwest to Threads of Time in Danville, IL.  Our group of 9 was down to 7, and while we really missed the two who couldn't make it, we had a great time! 

I had a bunch of projects packed, but very little pre-cut, so I had lots of options on what to work on (the good thing is that I never bring too little to a retreat!). I learned from the cold first night last year to bring a quilt top along with me, so it was a good reason to bring the top I shared in yesterday's post and attach the binding and a corner square of fabric to write on a label. 

After that, I set to making a few small projects in my goal to make things for gifts this year.  I don't have specific recipients earmarked for these items, but will be glad to have them on hand when a birthday comes up. 
Steering wheel cover
Tulip basket
On Tuesday, I got started by working on my table runners.  My mom had seem them on a facebook post, then bought the magazine, and I brought along a couple packets of 2 1/2" squares, so I made one right after the other.  I will probably keep one and gift one. 
Table runners
After that, it was time to work on the challenge we'd set out for ourselves for the retreat - the disappearing pinwheel quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Company. I chose a layer cake called Hill Country, which came from Lois' stash originally, and I added a bright yellow fusion to it. By the end of the 2nd day, I'd gotten all the pinwheels made, and had cut about 1/2 of them.  
Pinwheels made into blocks
Another woman who was retreating at the same time decided to make a large one, starting with a 16" block, and my mom had decided in advance to make a small one, starting with a 5" block.  They looked pretty cute on the design wall next to each other. 
Three sizes of disappearing pinwheel blocks
I continued working on the pinwheels the next day and got them to finished blocks. I am not sure if I am done or want to make a few more, so I brought them home in block form to be worked on more in the next couple months. 
My leader/ender French braids
That project took me most of the day, and we decided to go out for lunch, so that took us away for a few hours.  After dinner, I was ready to start on something different, so I set to cutting out the pieces for a new purse.  There were quite a few pattern pieces and four fabrics involved, so the cutting took me through the night.  I started sewing it together our final morning there and made some good progress - one side is done (it will be reversible) and the other side is started. That's one of the things on my list for this month, so I plan to get back to it soon. 

All in all, it was a good retreat.  We all enjoyed each other's company, ate lots of good food, had some laughs, and shared some new tips and tricks.  And, we all came home with some new fabric :) 
New fabric from retreat


Regina said...

We did disappearing pinwheels at our retreat, too - each person was asked to make them and they are going into charity quilts. We got raffle tickets for prizes for each one we made. One of these days I will have to post more about my messed up one - and what came of it!

Karen said...

You accomplished so much. I was so sad to have missed Danville this year. But there's always a next time and I do have that credit with American Airlines burning a hole in my 'virtual' pocket.