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Sunday, March 16, 2014

February 2014 Accomplishments

I realized after I posted about my "four things" for February that I really didn't have any other accomplishments for the month, except for a cross stitch. Given that, I am going to share the photos of what I finished last month, even if they've been shown before.  Here's  what I finished in February: 

- Catvent quiltalong top
- Stained glass log cabin finished top
- Oriental log cabin top quilted

I also finished a cross stitch for a baby boy - I need to do the fabric framing so that I can send it on its way to his family. 

And, I met my goal of seeing two movies during the month - the Netflix one was Lost in Translation and the theater one was Her. They both had Scarlett Johannsen in them, and both were okay, but not great.  We barely made it to the theater in time, but thanks to a dad who is willing to babysit, we got one in! 

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Judy said...

Your stained glass log cabin quilt is awesome. I am drawn to bright colors but I am using my stash of the less than desirable bland prints of years gone by.