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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The story of some cats

Back in November, Elizabeth over at Oh Fransson posted that she was going to host a catventquiltalong for the month of December, with a new cat released daily for 25 days.  I thought the finished quilt was cute and showed it to Jenna, who fell in love! I told her I'd make it for her as long as she helped, and she did. 

First up was to pick the colors. Jenna sorted through my scraps and decided on pink, purple, teal/blue, yellow, and green.  Her color matching was excellent, and I had a good stack of each color to work from. 
25 cats all ready to become a top
I started off a little late and worked through the month of December, but didn't get my blocks done until the first of this month. The fun part of working on this quilt is that I pulled out my leftover pieces from Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt from last year (Easy Street) and used them as leader/enders. I made some good progress on this and think that it will become a small wall/lap quilt. 
Easy Street Leftover blocks
Once I had all the blocks on the design wall (in order of how they were released), I sent Jenna down to arrange the blocks however she wanted, and she came up with a very cute layout. 
Jenna's layout
I finished up the top last week and really like the result, and she absolutely loves it.  I have a couple other quilts in the queue in front of this one, but I know Jenna won't let me forget to get it quilted - she can't wait to have it in her room. 
Finished top
The other fun thing about this quilt was playing along on Instagram. Everyone working on it used the hashtag #catventquiltalong and there are some pretty creative projects from it. If you'd like to follow my adventures on Instagram, you can find me at @jenquilter - hope to see you there!  


Beth said...

What a great project for you and Jenna! I love her choices, and yours!

Moneik said...

Such a fun project for you to work on together. Mikaela is always wanting to sew and play with my fabrics. I've had to create a scrap drawer just for her to play in. Such creativity and imagination with no limits.

Regina said...

This is adorable! I have all the cats saved for a "rainy day" - or a snow day at the rate this winter is going! Need to get Nathan busy.

Dar said...

Playing catch up on blog reading and just saw your cute cat quilt. You and Jenna did a wonderful job. I love your background sashing color. It really makes the kats stand out well.

Gina said...

Great cat quilt and I love how your other quilt is looking xx

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Great job! Love how they Easy street is coming together and the cats are adorbs!!