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Monday, February 3, 2014

Four Things - January 2014

As with so many new year's resolutions, I started the year off pretty aggressively with my goals for the month of January, and here's how I did:

1. Quilt Winter Wonderland wall hanging - I quilted this on January 1, and finished the binding and sleeve last week. It will head to its final destination sometime in the next few weeks. 
2. Finish blocks for catventquiltalong (4 made, 21 to go) - Technically, I didn't get this done, but I did finish the blocks on Feb 1, so I am counting it is complete, especially since I fell asleep on the couch on Jan 31st! I had good intentions, but a lack of energy to get them done on time.  If you are a cat lover, but haven't seen these blocks, they are easy to make and very versatile. You can see the details here at Oh Fransson blog, or if you're on Instagram, you can look at all the projects people have made with them under the hashtag #catventquiltalong. 

25 blocks finished
3. Finish stained glass log cabin blocks - I am not sure what I was thinking when I put this goal on my list. I guess I didn't realize how much I had left to do on these blocks, or I didn't realize how much time my butt would be glued to the couch throughout the month ;-).  I made good progress, getting all the strips cut out and finishing the first big section of my 25 remaining blocks. Each time I work on this project, I get excited about it again - I can't wait to finish it up. 
Block parts ready to go to Feb workday
4. Quilt a UFO - In theory, this would have been very do-able during the month, but then I picked a super dense quilting pattern for this quilt (third picture in this blog post), and it is taking me 30-40 minutes per pass to quilt this one. I've just lost steam.  I will get back to it though, because a friend gave me a quilt today that she wants me to quilt for her, and I want to get another UFO on the frame this month. I will slog through this, and hopefully will finish by the end of next weekend, if not before. 

So, the only good news about not getting much done is having the opportunity to work on them again (or still) and not have to think of new things for the list.  This month is sure to be a bit of a challenge for me with the Olympics on, as I tend to watch them just about every night and all weekend.  The good news is that I set up a TV next to my cutting table yesterday, so I will be able to do a little work while I am watching. 

Here are the goals for February: 
1. Finish Catventquiltalong top, make back, and prep batting for quilting (although actually quilting it isn't at the top of my list this month). 
2. Finish stained glass log cabin blocks and get them into a finished top. 
3. Quilt three quilts - including 1 for my friend and 1 unfinished UFO from January, and one UFO in the month of Feb. 
4. Cut projects for my retreat in early March - I am thinking I will call this done if I have two projects cut out and ready to go. 

Hope you got what you wanted accomplished in January and here's to getting back on the horse in February if you didn't! 

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Darling Jill Quilts said...

Looks like a good month for January. How's February looking so far? :)