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Sunday, December 8, 2013

November Cookbook Challenge

As the weather turned colder, I was ready to pull out this cookbook. 

It was my grandmother's and was one of the handful of things that I got from her - she died shortly after Mike and I married.  I've had the cookbook on my shelf since I brought it home from Houston, but I'd never made a recipe from it.  I was touched when I opened the book and found a list of the pages of her most-used recipes along with some notes in the cookbook in her handwriting. 

Grandma's cookbook
Due to our vacation, the month was pretty short.  We did get in one recipe before we left - the "Favorite Ham N' Potato Bake," which was made with cream of celery soup.  Mike made it while I was out one night and he said it was good - but the kids told me in the morning that they didn't really like it.  I had the leftovers and I thought they were good - not gourmet food, but an easy 1-skillet meal good for a weeknight. 
Ham and potato leftovers (the tasted better than they look)
The other two recipes that we made were for Thanksgiving - the traditional green bean casserole, and oven baked macaroni and cheese - which was made with cheddar cheese soup. Both were great recipes for the shared table.  I would probably add some more shredded cheese to the macaroni next time. 
Green bean casserole

Macaroni Bake (with breadcrumbs on top)
I planned to get one more recipe made before the end of the month, but we wound up eating leftover turkey for the rest of November :) 

Believe it or not, this cookbook is available on Amazon here, but I am guessing most of the recipes are publicly available by now. 

One more month to go and it's a good one! 


Karen said...

How fun is that to find your grandmother's notes in the book. I only have one recipe from my grandmother. Her Christmas cookies (brownie type bars). And, I'm teaching my grandkids how to make them now. We have to pass on these things or they will be lost.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

With the trip, it was good to get in the three recipes. :)