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Saturday, November 2, 2013

October Cookbook Challenge

October is Mike's birthday month, so it was his turn to choose the cookbook.  Anyone who knows my husband well shouldn't be surprised to hear that he picked The Brewpub Cookbook: Favorite Recipes from Great Brewpub Kitchens. I did a quick scan through the cookbook at the beginning of the month and selected about a dozen recipes to try, but October turned into a pretty busy month for us and I didn't do a good job of meal planning in advance.  Add that to the complexity of ingredients (nothing crazy, just things we don't normally have on hand) and it turned into a pretty lean month. 
We did make three recipes through the month: 
1. Bay Shrimp Pestodillas (Prescott Brewing Company in AZ) - this was an easy recipe to make and called for baking the quesadillas instead of frying them.  I really liked the way they turned out and would make them again - just for us or for a group. 
2. Italian Meatballs (Pete's Place, Krebs, OK) - Mike cooked these up for us and they took longer than we thought they would - the recipe didn't have a time noted, just an internal temperature. We'd had spaghetti with meat sauce the night before, so we ate them plain.  They were tasty, and I think they'd be even better with some red sauce or even a gravy. 

3. Badlands Pork Tenderloin (Rattlesnake Creek Brewery & Grill, Dickinson, ND) - this was a recipe that involved making marinade one night, then letting the pork sit in it for a day. It was a soy/honey/ginger/orange marinade, and while it was good, it was a little salty (we even used low sodium soy sauce). 
There are several additional recipes that I'd like to try from this book, but most of them will be weekend recipes because of the time/steps required. There are a few good stew/soup recipes that I hope we'll try over the winter. 

That's all for October - we've already picked our November book and it looks to be the perfect one for this season! 

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