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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My review of the two-color binding

Back in March, at our bee retreat in Danville, I finished my disappearing four patch top. As soon as I finished it, Pam suggested that I use two color binding to make the red pop a little. She sent me a link to the directions and I carefully made a bookmark for future reference. I read the directions and cut my binding in preparation to take it to my retreat. 
I pulled it out at the retreat, ready to go. I started around 10:30, so planned to have it done before we left for lunch.  I sewed my strips together, started to press them, and realized the size was off. I am not sure if I cut them wrong, or if they just didn't work like they were supposed to, but decided that I better trim down the seam allowance to make it work. After I sliced 1/8" off of the length of the binding, I was doing a little swearing and thinking that it better work, because this was taking way more time than I planned. I got the binding sewn to the back of the quilt before we left for lunch - so much for my best laid plans. 
When we returned, I pulled out my wonder clips (don't you love these little clips? They are great for hand and machine binding) and got to work.  Look at that lovely corner, where it comes together just perfectly! That didn't happen on all four corners, but they were pretty close. 
Whew, finally done. I have to admit that, by the end of the afternoon, I was annoyed that it had taken so much time, but also really pleased with the end result. 
When you look at it straight on, it looks okay, but when you peek at it from the side, that little flange really pops! 

After I got done with all of it, someone asked if I could have achieved the same result just using a flange which was sewn down when sewing on the binding....probably! And it probably wouldn't take all that effort either! Another option would be to use piping. No matter which way I do it in the future, I am glad to have tried it and glad that I like the end result! 


loralei campbell said...

Looks great! And the corners are super!

Judy said...

That certainly does give it a pop of wow! I need to add that to my quilt bucket list.