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Saturday, September 7, 2013

August Cookbook Challenge

For my birthday month, I selected Dinner with Friends , another cookbook that was given to me as a gift - this one from my mom a few years ago.

I must admit that it was a little daunting to look through...the first few recipes included Smoked Fish Pate, Fresh Oysters with Tarragon Vinaigrette, and Moulded Egg and Caviar Dip. I was a little worried that I wouldn't find any recipes to actually make in this one, but I kept going through the book and found a few things to try.

The first recipe we tried was Crab Cakes with Avocado Salsa. The first batch of crab cakes got a little overcooked, so I cooked them for a shorter time for the second batch and they looked much better. They were good, but the real hit of the meal was the avocado salsa. Mmmmm, mmmm. It was great with the crab cakes and also with chips.

The next recipe I tried was Piquant Potato Salad, a warm tangy potato salad. This one was really tasty and I would definitely make it again.

There were a few other recipes in the book that looked good but I had trouble finding a few ingredients and had trouble making the time. I will keep the book marked to try them another time.

This one won't stay at the front of my shelf - most of the recipes are beyond my desired level of effort/time. However, both of the ones I made were very good so we will revisit them again.

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