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Friday, August 9, 2013

Four Things - August 2013

Back at the beginning of July, I decided to try something a little different and list more than 4 things that I wanted to get done so I would have a little flexibility.  It worked out pretty well for me - here's the original list and my progress: 

1. Finish quilting and bind Rolling Stones mini quilt - Done! 
2. Finish and mail giveaway presents - I finished them both, but haven't delivered/mailed them yet
3. Make a new purse - Done!
4. Piece baby quilt top - Done! 
5. Make quilt back for red & white quilt - I picked the fabric, but haven't made the back yet.
6. Quilt graduation quilt for my mom (she didn't graduate, she made it for a graduate!) - didn't start it, but it is next up to quilt
7. Label and mail my two donation quilts for ALS Quilts and Dreams Challenge - didn't touch them, stays on the list for August

For August, I am going to use the same approach in hopes that it helps with motivation.  My goal is to finish four of the things below: 
1. Mail/deliver giveaways
2. Quilt the graduation quilt 
3. Label and mail ALS donation quilts
4. Make quilt back for red & white quilt
5. Quilt red & white quilt
6. Bind, label, and mail baby quilt
7. Continue on paper pieced sunrise over the mountain

That should keep me busy for the month! 

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