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Sunday, May 5, 2013

April Cookbook Challenge

As April was Jenna's birthday month, I let her pick our cookbook for the month. The first one she chose was Finland, Nature's Bounty, a gift from our Finnish exchange student's family. I decided to take a deep look through the cookbook in March to see what I'd be getting myself into. I found recipes with reindeer, lingonberries, and cheese we don't have in the US, and then talked Jenna out of that cookbook! 

Instead, she chose Something's Cooking, which was a fundraiser cookbook by the UT-Houston Medical School women faculty and faculty wives. My mom gave it to me for Christmas one year (the connection to UT was through our girl scout troop).  The recipes in this book are really nice, but most of them are pretty involved, making things from scratch type recipes. I had hoped to make one a week, but that didn't happen. 

What did happen was an awesome batch of Chicken Chimichangas with Green Onion-Cilantro sauce....  The kids weren't big fans, but Mike, our neighbor Beth and I loved them!  This made a nice meal with plenty for leftovers. What really made it was the sauce, mmmmm! 

About a week later, I make a Lemon Yogurt Cake with the kids. They really enjoyed separating the eggs and zesting the lemon, but I was wiped out by the time we finished it!  It was listed in the cookbook as similar to pound cake but with lemon flavor. I found it to be closer to a coffee cake - it was a little dry for me, but the lemon flavor was really nice. Not sure if I would make this one again given the amount of work to make it. I think I could make just as tasty of a lemon cake with a box mix. 

I almost forgot when drafting this post about our first recipe from the book - Wild Rice Casserole. It was a awesome mix of white and wild rice with soy sauce and pecans that was really savory and a big hit for the whole family. I love it when we find recipes that we all like!

I found a couple more recipes in the book that I would like to make - I just didn't have time/energy during the month of April to get to them. This one, like the three before it, is a keeper. I know I won't use it a lot, but there are some gems in there and I will definitely be making the Chimichangas and sauce again! 

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