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Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Goals

I decided several years ago that I don't make New Year's resolutions - I make goals for the new year. I know it is just a slight difference in words, but it works out better for me and gives me something concrete to work towards. I also try not to fall into the normal weight/money/time trap because I know my habits are pretty ingrained and it would take a lot to change them...not sure I am up for that! Anywho....here's the list of both quilting and personal goals for the year: 

Quilting goals: 
1. Quilt at least 20 items on my HQ Avante
2. Finish at least 5 of my current UFOs, plus the two quilts (Easy Street and Rolling Stones) that are in progress now. 
3. Continue with the things I have done for the last few years - stashbusting, tracking time sewing, and making a donation/charity quilt with leader/enders. 
4. Make 3 projects (can be quilts, purses, or other items) from existing patterns or books. 
5. Start on 2 kits. 
6. Balance time between piecing, quilting, and stitching. 

Personal goals: 
1. Read all the books that are in my room right now (there are a lot and I keep checking out library books instead of reading the ones I have bought or borrowed)
2. Make it the year of using my cookbooks - choose a cookbook each month and make at least one recipe from it (bonus points for making multiple recipes). If I can't find one recipe to make in a month's time, get rid of the book! 
3. Go through keepsakes on the bottom shelf of my stitching storage area and get rid of those things I no longer need so that I have some room to move other items there and clear the floor under my sewing area. 
4. Redecorate my dining room (with assistance). 

So, that's it for the year - I will update my goals in the sidebar and will give you a progress update about mid-way through the year! 


Carol said...

I can help with #1 - I have at least one top that is ready to be quilted. :)

Gari in AL said...

Your goals for this year seem reasonable and very similar to what I have. I like that you have a variety of project ideas so that you can't get bored doing just the same thing over and over. I hope to get a flimsy on the frame today...hope being the operative word. ;-)

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Great goals! I like the cookbook one!