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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Stash Report - Week 49

Only a couple weeks left in the year and I am making the right kind of progress. This week, I worked on the Easy Street mystery quilt, a teacher gift, and a UFO. Next week has more of the same ahead. I still have 1 teacher gift and a gift for the bus driver to make. I know what one will be but not the other...although I am confident I will come up with something just in time :) 

Fabric went out this week in the following ways: birthday fat quarters for bee-mates, teacher gift #1 (the bag in this post), binding for the UFO, and Easy Street fabric, although I have a hard time figuring out what to count for that since it is some scraps and some new fabric. I am just making a swag and I will even it all up at the end if I haven't counted enough. 
I thought you might like to see one picture, so here's the back of the UFO I am working on - my Convergence quilt that I am hoping to get hung before Christmas. After I finish this blog post, I am going to head down and put the binding on it. I am trying something new with two sides of green and two sides of red binding. I had to measure it all out and have to make one adjustment to make it work, but I hope it does work and I hope it actually looks like I think it will in my mind! 

Here's the accounting for the week: 
Fabric added this week: 0 yards
Fabric used this week: 3 3/8

Fabric added year to date: 39 1/4 yards
Fabric used year to date: 100 3/4 yards! (woot woot, passed 100 for the year!)
Net fabric used: 61 1/2 yards

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Dee Dee said...

Sounds like you have been busy...great report.