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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Design Wall Monday - Oct 22 2012

I am excited to be able to share a design wall Monday post today, since I have three things from retreat to show off! It was a very productive weekend for me and I got all three things finished that I really wanted to get done on the retreat. I had several more projects in my bag, but these were the top three priorities, so I am glad that they are all at the place I wanted them to be. 

1. Quilt for Jack's bed - he has two quilts on his bed but neither fits his bed - they were both made when he was a baby. He asked a while ago for a quilt that fits his whole bed and he picked out the colors and pattern. I really like how the top turned out - he has good taste, doesn't he? 
2. Grommet Purse - this is a long-awaited new purse that I was looking forward to making with fabric I got over the summer at a sale. The purse turned out much smaller that I thought it would - guess I didn't pay enough attention to the "finished size" on the pattern. I do like it, so think I might remake it in a larger size soon. It only took a few hours to make and I used some new interfacing for it - the stuff that is like car headliner. It worked well and the purse stands up well too. I am hoping that the same purse in a larger size will look just as good ;)
3. Workshop project - I pieced the 8 border pieces, 4 corner pieces, and the inner border. I really like how this top turned out and look forward to making two more from the same book so that I can have a series of three hanging in my living room. It took a full day (from after lunch one day to dinner the next) to finish this one, but I am glad I stuck with it! 
So, that's what I finished in the last week. I did start one more project, but will share that later in the week. Here's another retreat photo for you - quintessential Shipshewana! 


Dar said...

Jack's bed quilt is very cute. Nice bright colors for a bright boy. I love your grommet purse. It looks just perfect size for me! What is car headliner material? Never heard of this before. And your first in a series is looking good too. Will look forward to the next two. You had a very productive retreat, I would say.

Beth said...

Love everything! I might start commissioning purses from you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,

I recognize those projects! It was great having you near us at the retreat. And, thanks to you, I got up the energy to go to my hour-long stretch class at 8:30 this morning. I was so tired last night after our 7+ hour drive back to St. Louis that I thought I might sleep til noon.

jillquilts said...

Way to go on everything that you got done!! :)

* said...

Great projects and how great to come home with such a feeling of accomplishment. And, WOW, those borders look like a lot of paper piecing work. I look at them, think I would love to do them, and then think of the time it takes to paper piece that many points. but it sure looks worth it.

Ruthie said...

Great projects! Somehow, I missed seeing your purse at the retreat!

Cherie in St Louis said...

Hi Jennifer, you're sun and tree block is fabulous and makes a great thumbnail for the DWM link up ;) I too had a great time sitting next to you at retreat. You and your mom were so fun and you're whole group was just so nice. Hope to see you next year!

Bonnie said...

Great projects. So you like the car headliner. where did you find it? I've heard of it but haven't looked for it yet. Were the grommets easy to put in? And, don't you just love going on retreats?

Reenie said...

Oh, that quilt for Jack is just perfect!!! Amazing what we can get done with uninterrupted time, isn't it?? The wall hanging is spectacular!!