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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Some Catch-up Quilting

I realized after Jill's post today that 1) I haven't blogged in a while, and 2) I have some quilting to show that I've been doing over the last few months but haven't posted about. 

My mom has pictures of the most recent quilt I've done, and that is headed out in the next few days as a gift, so I will post about that when it has been received. 

Before that, I finished the quilting on another quilt that my mom made, this one for a high school graduate. We had a few challenges with a back that didn't quite fit on part of one side, but were able to resolve them, and it got loaded back on my frame about two months after I took it off. I had a new panto to try for this one (Bubbles by Lorien), and it was a bit of a challenge. 
It is really hard to do circles that look good! Here's my rendition of them, and then a picture of the whole quilt - it was a big one!

The other quilt I haven't shared with you is one I did way, way, way back in February. My mom's friend made this "jelly roll challenge" with a spark - small brown rectangles that went between each jelly roll strip. I think it gives this quilt some nice movement. 
On this quilt, I used the panto Linnas Charm by Dave Husdon. I've used this one on several other tops and like how it works out. 

Come back tomorrow to see some exciting numbers on my stash report! 


jillquilts said...

Great quilting! I like the bubbles panto, but I agree with you... very hard to get circles to come out so perfectly.

Dar said...

Both of your quilts look great. I have never tried the bubbles panto, but I do like the Linnas Charm one too.