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Friday, July 20, 2012

Michigan Family Vacation - Part 3

The final part of our vacation was the most relaxing by far. We drove south from St. Ignace to Houghton Lake, where my college roommate and her family have a small cottage right on the water. Although it was really, really hot, we managed to sit in the shade, drink lots of cool drinks, and jump in the lake whenever we got overheated. We really had a great time hanging out, boating, fishing, tubing, and just catching up. Our time together is usually pretty busy with activities or trying to see several people so it was nice to have three full days to spend with them. 

We reluctantly packed up all our stuff on Saturday afternoon and started the long drive home. We were able to break it up by meeting another college friend and his family for dinner on the way home, but it was still a long drive. 


I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of the sights of our trip! 

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Mary said...

You have some beautiful pictures. Looks like everyone had fun!