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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quilt Show Purchases

Just a quick post this evening to share what I bought at the quilt show this weekend. There was, as divulged earlier, one fat quarter of fabric. That isn't in the picture since it a birthday present for Debbie in my bee. 

So, since I was trying to avoid buying fabric, I went for all the loopholes instead ;)
There are five different kinds of thread, most of which I will try on my HQ. One thimble, two packages of needles, a cute little needle storage case, a project back, some stabilizer for purses and a new purse pattern round out the purchases. There were many more things I could have bought, but then I would think of all the things that I have at home to work on, and I remembered that I will see a ton more new things next year :)

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Dar said...

Looks like you a fun. I love going through my "stuff" when I get home from a show. All eager to start using some of it!! I know you will have fun with your new "toys". :)