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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Retreat progress - evening 1

We arrived just after three and it took us about an hour to get everything in and set up. I have been sewing pretty steadily since then except for a dinner break and snack breaks. First up was two Halloween table runners, and they were done about 1/2 an hour after dinner.

Next on the list is to make some progress on my red and white snowballs and I am going to try to stick with them until I get all the white snowball blocks done. These are all the pieces and parts just waiting to be sewn together.

We are having fun so far and I hope to have more progress to show tomorrow.


jillquilts said...

Way to go! I'm sure that you are going to get a lot done this week! :)

Mary said...

Keep posting! I am using your experience as an inspiration for me. I fly out tomorrow for Texas. Of course when I leave Indiana weather is perfect!

My first retreat and I am so unsure what to pack. Sewing machine is packed. I usually say if I have my meds and my credit cards I can go anywhere. This time I added the sewing machine to that list!

Ruthie said...

Looks like your getting a lot accomplished. Have a great time!