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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Work Day Monday

It seems like we just had a workday (well, we kinda did since it was later than normal last month). I over packed the night before, thinking I would get all kinds of stuff done. I would rather have too many projects on than too few though. I only worked on one project the whole day -- my first quarter PIG project. 

I had to trace patterns, stick to the fabric (this was new for me, since I usually have to fuse them to fabric!), then place, fuse, and satin stitch. I had some Steam a Seam Lite that I tried and I really liked it. I only got one set of satin stitching done, but am happy with the progress made thus far and so glad to be working on a project that I've had over 3 years!
Jack was with me for the day and he had fun with the camera once again. I won't show you the picture he took of my mom's read end! He was trying to help me and wanted me to give him some scissors to help with the cutting -- I decided that sharp scissors + 4 1/2 year old boy = high probability of "oops," so instead I gave him some fabric scraps to play with and before I knew it, he was asking me to make x's and o's so we could play tic tac toe. 
We had a great day once again and I am already looking forward to next month's work day! 

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Rhonda P. said...

Jen! Love the flower blocks! And Jack has a lot of creativity in his blood!