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Sunday, February 12, 2012

An afternoon of painting

Warning - this is a no quilting post! I thought it was high time that I shared a few more posts of the kids and the activities we do with them, so I am going to try to blog about them a couple times a month. Let's start with our activity from today. 

Our neighbor Beth has a son who just turned 1, and the kids LOVE to spend time with Evan. Beth invited us over to do some finger painting today and the kids took off in their aprons in a dead sprint to get to her house. She wisely covered the table with a tablecloth and newspaper and then let them go at it. They kept going and going and now we have a whole lot of artwork to decorate their room. 

Evan studying the strange stuff we dipped his fingers in.
Paint on the face - that's better
Jack called this skeleton hands
An artist hard at work
As soon as they were done painting, the kids headed for Evan's toys and Beth and I had a while to chat while the kids played. It was a good afternoon for all! 


Regina said...

Love it! Nathan never liked getting his hands wet or sticky - so finger paint was NOT his favorite. I treasure the few we did get.

Beth said...

We had a great time too -- thanks for coming over for the fun! I can't wait for the summer when we can all play outside!

Reenie said...

Aww....I can remember my kids doing this! I think I had more fun then they had!

jillquilts said...