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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stash Report - Week 45

Before we did our Jelly Roll Challenge this week, I wanted to get a UFO marked off my list (before adding a new one!), so I put the binding on my charity quilt. It feels really good to have this one finished, and I will donate it this holiday season to a local women's shelter. I already have my sights set to make another one next year and know which pattern (and which size of Lois' pre-cut scraps) I am going to use. I am already looking forward to it. 

The rest of the week followed the same theme and I continued to work on UFO's. The first was adding some blocks to my red & white quilt -- with these, I am 25% done (not bad for two years...maybe I will get this one done for one of the kids' graduation!). 

After that, I pulled out my UFO for this month, which was partially quilted. I finished all the quilting inside the borders, so another night at the machine (I am quilting this one on my Janome 6600) should finish it out. I am really hoping I can get this one done in the month of November. 

Next up, actually up simultaneously, was loading my Q4 UFO on the Avante so I could quilt that one. I have challenged myself on this one to quilt a different pattern in every 1/2 block. I have 50 to fill and finished 20 yesterday in just about 2 hours. I am using patterns from Leah Day's blog for this one and learning which shapes and styles are easy on the longarm and which are not. 

All that setup to tell you that I didn't use a lick of fabric this week, nor did I add any, so my year to date totals remain: 
Fabric added year to date: 46 3/4 yards
Fabric used year to date: 100 5/8 yards
Net fabric used: 53 7/8 yards
Net pattern usage year to date: -3

One last thing before you leave....I entered a quilt in the weekly themed quilt contest on The Quilting Gallery. My entry is a quilt I made for my nephew to celebrate his return from Iraq. Please stop by and take a look at all the quilts and vote for mine (Nick's Swirling Stars) if you like it. 


SpinningStar said...

That's a lot of work this week - I like that you are trying out a very large variety of quilting patterns on the same quilt. Should be fun to see the finished product!


jillquilts said...

You have been doing a lot of work this week! It may not change your stash report, but it will get you closer to starting a new project and busting stash then! :)

Melanie said...

You've been busy this week! Thanks for letting me know about the quilt contest! I loved looking at all the quilts! Nick's Swirling Stars is beautiful!

Reenie said...

Wow..look at you go! Doesn't it feel good to get something finished? Always motivates me to start on another finish.

Jo said...

I just voted...Love it! I like your red and white quilt too.

kwiltnkats said...

Really like your red and white UFO. Looks like you are doing pretty well in the voting! I'm off to cast my vote. Sandi

scraphappy said...

What a fun way to practice new quilting patterns. It is always such a huge commitment to start on a pattern and then decide you don't like it. Great work on all those UFOs, way to get them crossed off the list!