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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stash Report - Week 47

My quilting was minimal this week - worked on binding a small top and have that done, just need to add the label and sew down the hanging sleeve. This week, I am hoping to finish quilting the one that has been on my frame all month and making a back for the next one to go on the frame. I did get in some time for stitching this week and finished up this little project that will go in my kitchen window. I also have another one that says "Pie" so they will be put in opposing corners of the window....although it may be a while before I do the other one. 

Fabric added/used this week:  0/0
Fabric added/used year to date: 46 3/4 yards / 100 3/4 yards

Net fabric used: 54 yards

Patterns in/out year to date: -3

Hope you had a good week with your stash! Stop by Judy's blog and check in on the other reports too. 


jillquilts said...

Anything finished is always a good thing! Plus it was a holiday week. You did good!

Mary said...

Cute! Is that counted cross-stitch? If so, I never could managae that but I didn't mind doing that lace work that was popular several years ago. Same concept. You followed a grided drawing. Makes no sense why one was fine and the other not.

Your post made me wonder something that I went and checked. I did not know what a "hanging sleeve" was. EWWWWW! I can safely say I will never enter a quilt in any sort of show. There is no way I will ever do that. I don't do handwork unless it is absolutely necessary and it better be for someone I love. Like on the dresses for my sons' weddings. NEVER on a quilt! I may need a xanax just thinking about it!