2016 APQ UFO Challenge List

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fifty Percent

I bet, Lois, that you would never have expected us to finish any of your UFOs beyond the few quilts you had specific plans for, but guess what - we've gotten to the 50% mark! 27 of your UFOs completed and given to your family (or ready to be given)! 

I took some time tonight to update the spreadsheet I started after inheriting all your fabric and projects and was just thrilled to see that so many projects are finished. There are four others waiting in the wings to be quilted and I hope to get them done over the next few months, but boy is it exciting to get this far! 

Here are some pictures of what we've finished lately: 

Your Petal Play wall hanging from the class with Joan Shay

Two picture quilts from a trip to Las Vegas a few years ago (I never knew you with brown hair, so it had to be before Jenna was born!). I found the flamingo and penguin paper pieced blocks with them and couldn't figure out why until we remembered that there are penguins at the Flamingo hotel in Vegas, and you must have stayed there. They made their way into the backs. 

Wool crazy patch blocks - you'd made four, but with no note of what you intended to do with them and no additional pieces cut out, so mom made the executive decision to make them into pillow covers. 

Oriental Stars - I think I showed this one before - we all remember the day you came to work day and cut this out and are glad to see how it all came together. This one will be entered into judging at the quilt show because so many of us from the bee worked together to get it finished. 

Bowties - I asked for help on the blog to put them together in the best layout and got some great feedback. I went with the majority for this layout and allover quilting - the last project I finished on the HQ16. This one will also go into the show for display. 

Hope you approve of how we're finishing them and I know they will be enjoyed by your family! 


Gari said...

Thanks for the Lois update. I so admire how you are working with Lois' projects and stash and it always makes me wonder what will happen with mine.

Moneik said...

You're so inspiring to me! I have done a lot of my mom's UFO's, but I stil have a lot to do. I would love to have a guild to help make the process go more quickly. I find such support in finishing them.

Marti said...

they are beautiful!- your guild is wonderful to do all this work!

jillquilts said...

Way to go with getting to 50%! I know that it helps a lot of have your Guild group helping. Love that little penguin and the flamingo. :)